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Working-Holiday-program opens for applicants in New Zealand

The Working Holiday program consists of two visas subclass 417 and subclass 462 and the program provides vital support for the Australian regional economy. With border closures the industries reliant on the intake of overseas nationals have felt the significant impact of absence of these young professionals and travelers throughout the past 16 months. Whilst the program continued being opened to new applications, there has been no movement in the processing due to lack of exemptions for these cohort of visa holders to travel to Australia.

Most recently, the Department of Home Affairs announced the processing of the visa applications lodged in the Working Holiday program with priority being given to visa applicants who are currently residing in New Zealand. This initiative is a direct result of the successful implementation of the Trans Tasman bubble between Australia and New Zealand which allows travelers who have been residing in either of these two countries for more then 14 days to travel within the bubble quarantine free, provided they meet the health, immigration and other standard border clearance requirements.

This means that the system would determine the allocation of the Working Holiday visa applications based on the country of residence nominated in the application forms. Application forms with New Zealand as a country of residence and local residential address will be prioritised in the selection of applicants for visa approval. It is essential that applicants who reside in New Zealand and lodged their visa application in the Working Holiday program with the residential address in their home country to correct the records and notify the Department of Home Affairs of their residential address in New Zealand so their application is considered in this selection process.

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