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Work & Holiday visa for nationals of the Philippines and pre-application ballot for nationals of China, Vietnam and India

The new Work & Holiday visa (subclass 462) arrangement for the next fiscal year 2024-2025 will include up to 200 places for young citizens of the Philippines who are up to 30 years of age and either hold tertiary qualifications or successful completed at least two years of undergraduate study or post-secondary education. They will be able to travel to and reside in Australia for up to 12 months and undertake short-term work and study.

Due to the high demand and limited places available, applicants for access to the Work & Holiday visa program from China, Vietnam and India in the 2024-2025 program year will have to firstly register through the newly implemented pre-application (ballot) process. There will be an electronic random selection process and selected entrants will be invited to apply for their first Work & Holiday visa. There will be no such ballot for the second or third Work & Holiday visa.

For more information visit Department of Home Affairs website.​

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