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Assent Migration Lawyers Fees

Everyone deserves quality visa and immigration advice. There is no immigration matter too big or too small for our Immigration lawyers.


We offer solutions at the price you need for your unique circumstances and your budget, and offer variety of payment plan options.


Start with a preliminary consultation or choose full ongoing support with a priority service out of standard business hours.


We will guide you at every step of the visa application, appeal or judicial review process 

Assent Migration Lawyers Fees

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Preliminary Consultation

I need a strategy


Pre-lodgement Success Check

I wish I did it before I applied


Teamwork Success

Having an expert to lean on



Or Complex

Know-how & expertise


1. Preliminary Consultation

Immigration lawyer creates your migration strategy step by step guide

Budget: from $330

This is for you if you have not done any research and don’t know where to start or you have done a lot of research and are confused about how to put what you’ve learnt into action. In the time we spend together we will discuss your options, the supporting documents, the application form which would give you a snapshot of where you are at and what steps you need to take to achieve a successful outcome.   


You will have your questions in respect of the application process answered and you will receive advice as to the things you must comply with in your application, the documents you must provide for a successful outcome. You will receive tips and ideas as to the supporting documents you need to collect, the information and evidence required in support of your application. You will know your strengths and your weaknesses.


We will identify factors and aspects of the process you may have missed or have not considered but these can be beneficial for your application. Small details could make or break your successful outcome. 


Assent Migration Lawyers will lead you in the right direction in just one consultation.

Budget $300

2. Pre-lodgment Success Check

Immigration lawyer reviews your complete visa application package 

Budget: from $880

This is for you if you have done your research, gathered all the required documents and evidence to support your future application, you completed all your forms and you are ready to submit your Expression of Interest for consideration or your visa application for processing. This option includes an expert reviewing all your evidence, supporting documents, application forms and providing advice on how likely you are, on the basis of what you have prepared on your own, to achieve a successful outcome.


You will receive feedback as to whether the current supporting documents you have gathered are meeting the various criteria or if they fall short. You will receive advice on what further information and documents you need to collect and what evidence to provide in support of your application.


You will have your questions about the application process answered and you will receive advice as to the things you must comply with in your application. In our conversation, an immigration lawyer will look to identify factors you may have missed or have not considered but they can be beneficial for your application. 


You will receive advice on DOs and DON’Ts throughout the application process. Our commitment, at Assent Migration Lawyers, is that you walk away empowered and with great confidence as to the prospects of success of your application when submit and pay the processing government fees. 


3. Teamwork Success

Immigration lawyer supporting you through the visa or appeal process 

Budget: from $1980


This is for you if you would like to have an Assent Migration Lawyer on your team from the planning stage through the preparation and the lodgement of the application with the Department or the appeal with the Tribunal. We will give you a clear plan of action and the time frame to achieve each step of the process. 

You will be supported in the gathering of documents, in the preparation of your statements and in the drafting of your forms. We will draft legal submission in support of your application or appeal and be your authorised representatives with the Government Authorities until a decision is made on your application.


In addition, you will have access to our expertise and advice on short notice throughout the application process. We will stand by you throughout the application or appeal and give you up to date, highly relevant updates on the progress as well as any changes in the immigration law landscape which may have an impact on you.  

Having an Assent Migration Lawyers expert on your team will give you confidence and peace of mind during often long and daunting process. 

Do it al for you

4. Do It All For You

Immigration lawyer to carry the load for you through the visa or appeal process

Budget: from $3900

This is for you if you are time-poor and you do not have the capacity for undertaking your own research and preparation of your forms, statements and documents. Assent Migration Lawyers expert will work with you so that you provide us with the documents and we do everything for you drafting the forms, taking your instructions and drafting your statements.


Our immigration lawyers will be taking all necessary steps to only seek your input for the most important parts of the process. As it is your application you will have full control and access to every single step of your application or appeal. We will provide updates and give feedback on every action taken so that you are confident as to the progress and ultimately achieve the desired outcome. 

Assent Migration Lawyers will lead the process and your involvement will be kept to the instructions and approval steps so that you can focus on other areas of your life and career. You let us handle what we do best so you can enjoy what you do best. 


5. Priority Or Complex Issues

Immigration lawyer to untangle the visa challenges and lead you to success​​

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This is for you if you have had a visa refused or cancelled by the Department of Home Affairs or if you are going to appeal a refusal or cancellation decision in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, or if you wish to seek a Judicial Review on a decision brought down by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

If your visa has expired and you are still in Australia you will need priority assistance, and this is especially true if you are in detention and want to apply for a visa or wish to depart from Australia.

Pro Bono

We offer services to foreign nationals who meet our pro-bono guidelines

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Thank you for contacting us!

From our office in Melbourne through online cloud-based technologies we use the tools of tomorrow to service clients globally. Preliminary consultation with an immigration lawyers at any time of the day any day of the week from the convenience of your home.

We have a permanent office in Melbourne and we have established relationships and office presence in most major cities on the East Coast of Australia from Melbourne to Cairns and an associate Australian accredited specialist immigration lawyer working from Hong Kong.

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