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Every aspiring migrant to Australia has battled through the skills assessment requirements to have their skills and qualifications recognised for migration purposes. VetAssess is one of many skills assessing authorities vested with the power to review and assess overseas qualifications and work experience for the purpose of migration to Australia. A power vested in them by the Australian Government.

VetAssess is generously offering their know-how in web series designed for prospective applicants and migration professionals so that their journey through the skills assessment process is less overwhelming.

The promise VetAssess makes is that in the time you will devote to their free webinar, which is scheduled for about 50 minutes, you will achieve an understanding of the requirements for a Skills Assessment before making an application, the right documents required to avoid delays, the services available to help you submit your application, the 10 days Priority Processing availability and you will be able to participate in a live Q&A with our experts from both trade and professional occupations - so bring your questions!

Here is the link for you to BOOK Enjoy the seminars!

If you are uncertain where to after the webinar series, contact Assent Migration Lawyers to help you through the whole process and support you with the migration journey. We look forward to hearing from you.

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