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Two-year extension of post-study work rights on subclass Temporary Graduate 485 visa to end later this year

Department of Education made an announcement about the ending in about mid 2024 of the option for two-year extension of post-study work rights on the Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) visa for international students who have completed selected courses.

In February 2023 the Australian Government announced the two-year extension of post-study work rights for graduates of select degrees in areas of verified skills shortage aiming to strengthen the pipeline of skilled workers. The program opened to applicants in July 2023 when the list of over 3,000 eligible selected degrees was published giving an opportunity for extension of further two years on top of the graduates existing 485 visa, an increase from:

  • Two years to four years for selected Bachelor degrees

  • Three years to five years for selected Masters degrees

  • Four years to six years for all doctoral degrees.

Home Affairs has not provided an update or published an expected date when they intend to close the avenue which opened in 2023. However, the Migration Strategy announcement from December 2023 made it very clear that significant changes are going to take place in the Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) visa program space in the current calendar year.

Therefore, those eligible for the two year extension based on completed selected courses it is best to consider submitting their applications, where all other eligibility criteria are met.

Contact Assent Migration Lawyers for eligibility assessment for the two year extension.

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