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Temporary Graduate Visa Post Study Work Rights Extension for Higher Education Students

The Minister for Home Affairs made an announcement that from 1 July 2023 the Australian Government will increase the duration of stay for some Temporary Graduate visas (subclass 485).

All doctoral graduates will be eligible for a further two year validity.

Graduates with a Bachelor, Honours or Masters degree will be eligible for a visa with a further two year validity if their qualification is listed on the Department of Education’s ‘Eligible Qualifications List (EQL)’. The curently published list of occupations and qualifications that are of strong and moderate demandand likely to provide eligibility is indicative only. The full list of eligible courses which would allow students to be eligible for the extension of post-study work rights will be published before the implementation date of 1 July 2023.

Below is a list of the occupations which are surely going to be on the list as they are considered to be in strong demand.

Geotechnical Engineer

Mining Engineer (excluding Petroleum)

Petroleum Engineer


Early Childhood (Pre-primary School) Teacher


Nurse Practitioner

Registered Nurse (Aged Care)

Registered Nurse (Child and Family Health)

Registered Nurse (Community Health)

Registered Nurse (Critical Care and Emergency)

Registered Nurse (Developmental Disability)

Registered Nurse (Disability and Rehabilitation)

Registered Nurse (Medical)

Registered Nurse (Medical Practice)

Registered Nurse (Mental Health)

Registered Nurse (Perioperative)

Registered Nurse (Surgical)

Registered Nurse (Paediatrics)

Registered Nurses nec

Systems Analyst

Multimedia Specialist

Web Developer

Analyst Programmer

Developer Programmer

Software Engineer

Software Tester

Penetration Tester

Software and Applications Programmers nec

Database Administrator

Cyber Governance Risk and Compliance Specialist

Cyber Security Advice and Assessment Specialist

Cyber Security Analyst

Cyber Security Architect

Cyber Security Operations Coordinator

Computer Network and Systems Engineer

Network Administrator

Network Analyst

ICT Quality Assurance Engineer

ICT Systems Test Engineer

More details on eligibility and how to apply for the extended Temporary Graduate Visa will be published by Home Affairs closer to 1 July 2023.​ The freedom to work ulimitted hours granted to international students will end on 30 June 2023 and from 1 July 2023, work rights for international students will be capped again. The new work limitation cap will be at a higher level of 48 hours per fortnight. Something for employers and international students to watch out for from July 2023, as working in excess of the permitted work limitation would be in breach of the conditions of visa approval jeopardising both the international student and their local employer.

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