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State nominated visas by the Government of Victoria

On 1 July the State Government announced that the Victoria’s Skilled Migration Program for 2021-22 will open to new Registrations of Interest on 7 July 2021. For the current fiscal year the Victorian State was granted 3,500 spots for the subclass 190 visa, and 500 spots for the regional nominated subclass 491 visa. Consequently, the program will remain highly competitive.

The criteria in respect of current residence in Victoria and employment in the nominated (closely related) occupation, skills assessment and English proficiency and minimum 65 points including the points granted for state nomination remain. Hence, the program will remain close to offshore applicants until July 2022.

Only visa applicants who have STEMM (science, technology, engineering, medical and math) skills are likely to qualify for a state nomination by the Victorian Government in the subclass 190 visa and only in ANZSCO skills level 1 or 2 occupations; whilst for the 491 visa the State may consider level 3 occupations as well. On the up side, the State removed the requirement for minimum work experience and hours worked. The focus of the state program is on certain target sectors listed below:

Health sector – inclusive of all medical professionals as well as specific skilled occupations in the research, development and education within the health sector

Medical research sector – inclusive of universities, pharmaceutical companies and research institutes that are involved in drug development, health product manufacturing, medical devices and digital health.

Life sciences – inclusive of medical technology, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries also organisations involved in food processing, nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals may also be considered.

Digital technologies sector – more specifically cyber security specialists who would be the only contenders for the subclass 190 visa and all digital occupations for the subclass 491 visa.

Agri-food sector – seeking to attract professionals who are highly skilled in the area of food growth and production as well as involved in the modernisation of Victoria’s agri-food sector.

Advanced manufacturing – seeking to attract professionals who can enhance innovation and have STEMM skills who are involved in areas such as defence and aerospace as well as research and development, design, supply chain management and contribute to increasing global competitiveness using new technologies.

New energy, emissions reduction and circular economyinclusive of organisations and occupations involved in clean energy, renewables, bioenergy, carbon capture and energy storage support efforts to reduce waste, cut pollution and protect the environment.

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