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Pandemic Event visa consessions generously open to most

The Federal Government has extended the Pandemic Event subclass 408 visa in an attempt to help Australian industries with labour shortages. Given that Australia continues to experience a net loss of people this is one of the measures taken to support the post pandemic economic recovery.

The migration trend for 2021 was a record a net loss of 88,800 people from the national population directly related to the impact of COVID-19 on overseas migration. In comparison in 2019 the last fiscal year prior to the pandemic Australia recorded a net gain of 241,300 people.

The new bid to retain overseas nationals to support the Australian economy has opened the Pandemic event visa work rights rather generously to include anyone who is currently in Australia and has a job offer in any sector of the economy. If the visa applicant has a job offer in a critical sector, they would be granted a 12 months visa, whereas if they are engaged in any other sector they would be granted a 6 months visa. If they are already working in a critical sector, they can apply for their Pandemic Event visa within 90 days of their substantive visa expiring and if in any other sector within 28 days of their visa expiry date.

It is critical that anyone who is currently in Australia should not let their substantive visa laps. Although, the Pandemic event visa allows people to apply in the 28 days post their substantive visa expiry, doing so complicates their bridging visa, their work rights on a bridging visa, their ability to travel outside Australia while on a bridging visa and wipes out their residency to date for the purpose of their citizenship down the track, any time spent without a visa in Australia, even if it is an hour would restart the residency clock.

Contact Assent Migration Lawyers if you are in Australia and the visa you are holding is expiring soon.

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