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Extended hours for students working in aged care sector

Shortages in the health care sector will mean that more jobs and more hours will continue to be available for student visa holders. The government is extending work hours for those students working in the aged care sector, they will continue to be able to work more than 40 hours per week.

Usually, international students are only able to work for 20 hours per week but the pressure on the health care and aged care sector in Australian due to the pandemic has meant the rules have been relaxed. The relaxation of these rules started earlier this year and were expected to end on 17 September 2021.

“Many aged care workers, nurses and other staff have been working at a higher intensity during the pandemic. All Australians are thankful for their efforts and the Australian Government is working to ease that pressure,” Mr Hunt said.

The extension applies to all international students in aged care regardless of when they commenced that work. Previously student visa holders who started with their employer after 8 September 2020 had been excluded from the extension, that is no longer the case.

All aged care workers are required to have at least one coronavirus vaccination to work in the sector as of 17 September 2021.

The government says student visa holders already enrolled in nursing can also undertake work at the request of health officials to support Australia's health response to COVID-19.

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