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Quarterly invitation rounds under Skillselect

The Australian government has issued its last round of invitations for the independent skilled subclass 189 visa ( 30 invitations) and the family-sponsored regional subclass 491 visa (80 invitations) in October 2020. Applicants waiting on the invitation round expected to occur later this month. Ever since the COVID pandemic reached Australia the Department of Home Affairs had targetted applicants who could contribute to the critical areas involved in the pandemic response and the short and long term impact of the pandemic on the Australian economy.

With the Australian unemployment rate increasing since April 2020 the Australian Government is targeting sectors where there is a significant shortage of skilled labour in order to protect further displacement of Australians and only inviting overseas nationals where these job shortages exist. Another significant factor that plays in the visa program and therefore the invitation rounds is the need for the invitations to be in line with the current public health measures. Consequently, it is no surprise that invitations were issued at 65 points to those applicants considered to offer the most to the Australian community and economy in the global pandemic climate.

During the current 2020 - 2021 fiscal year, the Department of Home Affairs issued only 1410 invitations for the skilled independent subclass 189 visa and regional family-sponsored subclass 491 visa. With the invitation rounds being held quarterly we expect two more rounds in this fiscal year and four in total for the calendar year.

Applicants who are eligible for the Global Talent program or could access an employer-sponsored, as well as the state or territory nominated programs, are favoured due to the high job security and expected contribution to the Australian economy.

Assent Migration Lawyers are here to assist you to navigate the labyrinth of visa options and design the best strategy for your unique circumstances.

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