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Australian Travel Declaration to enter Australia

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

You are travelling to Australia during the pandemic border closure. You already have a valid visa and you have received an exemption to travel. You fall into the exempt categories and you do not need to ask for permission to enter. You need to complete a travel declaration within 72 hours of your scheduled flight. With flights changing and the unpredictability of whether you would fly here or not, you may need to complete the travel declaration a few times.

It is mandatory for anyone travelling to Australia who is over the age of 15 to complete the travel declaration within the 72 hours period even if they are only transiting through Australia. The only three categories exempt from the travel declaration are flight crew, Australian accredited foreign diplomats, and people travelling on military flights.

You need to have all your details ready such as passport, details of your trip, contact details including destination address in Australia before you apply. You must make all necessary arrangements for your stay in Australia because the information you provide as part of your travel declaration must be true and accurate or you may be subject to administrative penalties. Without the confirmation email, you receive once you complete your declaration you would not be able to board your flight.

The travel declaration can be found online

If you need help with your pending visa or travel exemption, contact the team of Assent Migration Lawyers for assistance.

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