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Assent Migration wins Best Boutique Law Firm Australasia

Assent Migration Lawyers has taken out the APAC Insider Magazine Legal Awards for the Best Boutique Law Firm Australasia for 2023.

Now in its eighth year, the APAC Legal Awards honour the top legal talent in the Asia Pacific region bringing recognition to those whose knowledge, skill and innovation distinguishes them from the competition.

An unbiased in-house research and judging team thoroughly consider and evaluate each candidate to determine those who have truly shown themselves to be leaders in their field.

The future is bright for the Asia Pacific legal sector and through the APAC Legal Awards 2023, the magazine aims to commend those who are instrumental in its development and success.

The Asia Pacific region is quickly becoming a region of high growth for law firms, due to abundant investment and funding potential, as well as high activity in sectors for which legal services are imperative such as migration law.

It has been an honour to host this year’s APAC Legal Awards. We have seen diverse experience, services, and skills which are inevitably altering the legal landscape, helping many people, and keeping the industry strong. I wish each and every one of our winners the best as they dedicate themselves to their work,” Awards Coordinator Jack Ford said of this year’s winners.

APAC comprises a collection of around 21 countries located in or near the western Pacific Ocean. This includes Japan, east and south Asia, south-east Asia, and Oceania. China is the largest country by area, followed by Australia, India and Indonesia.

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